Painted Mahogany Faux Finish – When “faux” is the way to go!

In this historic home, my clients were eager to restore all the trim in the Living Room and Dining Room to its original dark stained finish. After a few attempts themselves, they realized that stripping and refinishing the wood was too overwhelming a project. The next best thing to real mahogany would be a painted wood faux finish.

Not only did the wood in this 100+ year old house already have many MANY coats of paint, a lot of it was not in the best condition. Nicks, gouges, missing pieces, crooked molding, corners that don’t meet, and many other “charming” imperfections, typical of a home this age.  My clients decided to embrace that charm and hired me to add a few more coats of paint!

 We settled on a dark red mahogany finish.  Mahogany has a tight smooth grain and many variations in depth of colors, making it a perfect project for me to paint, and one of my favorites techniques! After a few small repairs, sanding, cleaning and priming, I painted layers of paints and glazes, followed by a top coat of tinted polyurethane. All water-based products. The result is gorgeous! It brings a warm cozy and unified feeling to this home, while camouflaging all the imperfections in the trim.

Here are some before, during and after photos!


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