Celebrating 25 Years! How I got started.

How did I get started?

Going way back…..I always wanted to paint. When I was young, I thought I wanted to be a billboard painter when I grew up. Painting – plus a little bit daring and unconventional. But my parents told me that billboards weren’t painted anymore, they are all printed. Bummer. (now they are electronic!)

I’ve always loved to paint, but not always just to make pretty artworks. I wanted to make things look better, function better, have meaning and purpose, or fulfill a need.

I studied scenic design in college, because I love theater. And I loved being able to create something that helped tell a story. I loved being able to replicate wood, marble and other materials with paint, for scenery. And I loved painting beautiful landscapes and other scenery on a large scale! All in support of the live presentation of a story.

After college I started my career in retail visual merchandising and design because it was closely related to my degree. I loved being able to create something that helped tell a story, which in turn helped make people want to buy things! I progressed from store-line display to corporate design. But all along, I still painted, because I love what I can do with paint, and I love creating something meaningful.

In 1994 I left my retail job, and established my business, naming it the generic Donna Rubin Design so that it could represent not just my painting, but also any design or creative work that I would do. Was it a complete leap of faith? Maybe. But it all came together when my retail job ended, I wanted more control of my time since I had a young child, and my husband’s income was able to carry us for awhile until I got established. So the timing was perfect. I had my home as a large palette, and a few personal and professional friends as my first clients. I was on my way!

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