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Oh Vanity!

Sometimes a simple, straightforward project can make a very big impact.

2015 seemed to be the year of the bathroom vanity re-do.

None of these projects were terribly complicated, but they made a big difference in the look of a bathroom!  


Sometimes a homeowner is not ready to completely renovate a bathroom, but still cannot live with the current decor!

White oak vanity

Before: All-white bathroom, including white oak vanity, needed a LOT of help!


White oak vanity

After: The cabinet has been refinished with paints and glazes in dark wood tones, while retaining the texture of the grain. New cabinet hardware, wall color and accessories finish the improved look.



Sometimes a cabinet is beautiful and loved just as it is, but surrounding renovations require an update.

French carved vanity

Before: French carved wood vanity in its original wood tones. Pretty, but could use an update.


French carved cabinet

After: The vanity was painted over in creamy white with an aged rub-through to the original finish, and then top coated with a cream glaze and satin polyurethane.





Sometimes a renovation just isn’t in the budget, especially in a condo, where the stay may be relatively short-term.

Laminate vanity

Before: Laminate cabinets with rustic wood design look horrible dated!


Laminate vanity

After: Properly sanded, primed, and painted a bright teal color, this vanity cabinet looks fresh and updated, with new decorative knobs adding the finishing touch!





Cabinetry ordered online may be the correct size and price, but quality may not be as high as expected. 

White vanity

Before: All white vanity and mirrors needed a little “something”


White vanity

After: Dark antiquing accents were painted in the grooves and edges of the cabinet and mirrors to give them some interest and also disguise some less-than-perfect manufacturing details. New hardware upgrades the look as well.


Sometimes the perfect piece for your bathroom, is something from your childhood that’s been in storage for years!


This master bathroom vanity was once a bedroom dresser. Repainted, antiqued and finished in gloss polyurethane, new hardware, and a granite counter top surface and sink replaced the furniture top.





Sometimes you just need to create something really unique!

Desk vanity

Originally a small desk, this piece was cut apart, rebuilt, and fitted with a sink and plumbing, then painted chocolate brown and rubbed through to reveal bare wood along the edges.

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